There are many ways that you can take action to help Tibet. You can find out more about the situation in Tibet and help to publicise it; you can participate in a multitude of campaigns, from working to release political prisoners to joining demonstrations and marches; you can donate money to activist groups or to organisations helping Tibetans both in exile and inside Tibet; you can pressurise your local representatives and your government to take a stand on Tibet; or you can decide to get involved in issues related to Tibet’s environment and economy. Whichever way you want to help, there is probably already a group or an organisation out there that is working in the area of your concern.

An easy way to locate a group close to you or one that matches your interests is to go to the website of the International Tibet Support Network, a global coalition of Tibet-related non-governmental organisations: www.tibetnetwork.org/

The official website of the Tibetan Government-in-exile is: http://www.tibet.net/